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MP3 Player With Equalizer Option for mobile

Music Player MP3 Songs Offline is a free multimedia application created by Innospace. The MP3 player is used for playing audio files coming from mobile devices. It also works as an alternative multimedia player when the default one is unavailable for use.

Available Audio Options

Music Player MP3 Songs Offline features equalizers with a five-band controller and bass amplifier. Some default MP3 players lack the option of audio adjustment functionality. This application meanwhile ensures refined sound quality when playing favorite songs on the go. The application features its music equalizer where it allows adjustment of soundtracks. Its Music Booster feature and equalizer can modify the default 3D, Bass and Clarity settings. There are multiple music genres presets for playing specific genres. Users can pick Classical, Dance, Jazz, Pop, Rock and more. The custom preset is for manual adjustment of music equalizer, depending on the mobile device’s capabilities.

Standard Audio Player Functionalities

The application can play tunes according to albums, artist and even customized playlist. Users can add their own MP3 songs of their choice, arrange them in the application’s playing queue, and the songs will be played without any distraction that can interrupt the tune being played. They can arrange songs from country music to house music, depending on their mood. The advantage of having an offline MP3 player is that it independently plays music without the dependency of any network connection. Services like Spotify depends on network availability in order to play music although songs can be downloaded separately for offline listening. Users have the option to download their own music cloud storage for streaming song smoothly. The application is compatible with common audio formats used in every device today. It plays MP3, WAV, WMA and so much more. This ensures any music is playable at any devices. When navigating at the application for playing songs, it has an intuitive interface for searching for the right song. Users can enter the artist or song name, as well as the composer name or song genre. They will immediately get the song after the application finds it for them. There is a night mode for listening to music at night while reducing the blue light emitting from the mobile device. Other unique features include multiple player styles and customizable themes with color palettes.

Music That Is Always Available

Music Player MP3 Songs Offline is solely built for playing music and nothing else. It does what a music player has to do: play tunes in a curated arrangement while allowing personal customizations ranging from palettes to audio setup.


  • Five-band equalizer controller with a bass amplifier
  • Supports most standard audio files
  • Playlist creation through genre
  • Custom color palette and night mode


  • Most mobile devices already have an audio player
  • Lacks online song searching and downloading
  • Cannot edit MP3 songs
  • Unable to play MP4 files

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